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A few words of encouragement from past Buyers and Sellers I've worked with:


  ~  Excellent, Al and I had a difficult time finding the right place for us in the Eagle River area and Eric really hung in there, without ever making us feel we were imposing on him or his time.  He really went the extra mile for us without being too aggressive, we would have been really turned off by that, due to the stress we were under already! ...

... Was patient,professional,thorough, personalbe without being pushy, and was attentive to our personal needs without being overbearing - respected our personal needs and our privacy.  Always was reachable, kept in touch.

-Al and Su Borrego


 ~ Excellent, much better than we anticipated...Eric was extremely knowledgeable about the area, local builders and their build quality and even the amount (or lack of) direct sunlight to expect in the winter based on the location of the property...show us every house in our price range and even houses we wanted to see above our price range and point out the pro's and con's of each property.  Eric Was very patient with us when we wanted to see the same property multiple times and even when we retracted an offer at the last minute.

-Robert and Lynne Guerzon


~ Excellent...I have no complaints with Eric's service, he was great!...His dedication to assisting us was fantastic.  He is thoroughly professional and does his job.

-Marc and Mary Lebhart


~ Excellent...He kept us informed and in the loop, answered all of our questions.  Answered all questions and gave a personal touch.  Outstanding young man.  We feel lucky to have met and worked with Eric.

-Rex and Pauline Talcott


~ Great! Eric was very nce and kept us updated on all aspects.  He did an awesome job!  Pretty much every thing went well.

-John and Maddie Howard


~ Excellent, Eric did not get frustrated when we would become indecisive & showed us as many properties as was possible until we found just the right location.

-George and Merisue Bowerfind


~ Great...was willing to pitch in to prepare property for sale.  Patiently described terms of the sale - sometimes multiple times.  Good at relaying info to other parties.

-Don Beadle


~ Excellent...it was a learning experience for each of us, as each transaction took place - Eric learned more and we accepted that...good communication.

-Kevin and Donna Heatherly


~ Wonderful!  Eric was GREAT! He made the whole process as painless as anyone could hope for. Laughing  Eric took care of everything.  Eric stayed on top of everything - even all the "surprises" of selling a house...didn't cause us much stress at all.

-Keith and Sara Herren


~ We were very pleased with the time Eric spent on our search for a new home.  ...worked well with our daughter and son-in-law while we were out of state selling our home in WA.

-Robert and Jacqueline Spence



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Lee Realty, LLC.
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