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12-20-12, The End?

by Eric Bushnell

Today is the last day that all will be normal...or is it?  Tomorrow according to the Mayan calendar is the end of the world.  So now is a great time to reflect on the good that has transpired in 2012.

Real Estate has done well this year here in South Central Alaska.  The Anchorage market had one of its best years in recent history.  I Eagle River we're on tract to sell approximately 12% more homes this year than last.  The Valley market started the year well, but has gas prices rose homes sales declined.  No with the price gas back down in $3.50's or below, we are seeing more traffic to Valley homes.  Land sales in 2012 were very good in all markets, and we have seen 20% of the Powder Ridge Phases sell already.

The weather has not been a positive point in 2012.  Last winter was very snowy, so if you like to ski and snow machine it was excellent.  The summer was cold, and this fall snow had been non-existent until recently.  It's been cold, definitely colder than normal.  Yesterday morning it was -26 at my home in Wasilla.  Today its warmer but we have 30 mph+ winds, wind chill in the -30's.

On a personal note, I stepped away from management and it has been perfect for me.  I've been able to concentrate on more real estate.  I've had time to be with my family.  My daughter came back from a year in Bolivia, where she was an exchange student.  She had a great time, but its good to have her back.  I had time to work with our local Eagle River Area Rotary club to build the Let's all Play playground here.  This was the first full accessible playground in the state, so that kids of all abilities could play together.

This fall I've had more time to  spend coaching hockey which I love.  I'm coaching two teams, Mini Mites (4-6) and Suirts (9-10).  We have agreat time and I am getting in better shape.  Three days a week at the gym is helping as well. 

2012 was a good year.  I made decisions and moved forward with my long term plans.  I was able to work with the chamber of Commerce, Eagle River Area Rotary, Sunrise Rotary, Mat-Su Amatuer Hockey Association, my family, the gym, and was able to go hunting this fall.  Yes, I did get a moose and my freezer is full.  Life has been good this year.

How was your 2012?  I hope the world doesn't end tomorrow, because I've go more on my bucket list to do.

Recreational Properties

by Eric Bushnell

I recently had the opportunity to visit Ed Galvez in Lake Clark.  Ed has built a cabin in the Keyes Point Subdivision and for several years extended an invitation to come visit.  Well the stars finally aligned and I was on my way.  I caught a flight from Merrill Field in Anchorage on Lake Clark Air; they flew me to Illiamna in a Piper Navajo and then I jumped in Cessna 206 for the flight to Keyes Point.

Keyes Point is located on Lake Clark approximately 250 miles from Anchorage. 

  • Lake Clarkis a lake in southern Alaska. It drains through Six Mile Lake and the Newhalen River into Iliamna Lake. The lake is about 64 km (40 mi) long and about 8 km (5.0 mi) wide.Lake Clark was named for John W. Clark, chief of the Nushagaktrading post in 1891 and the first American non-Native to see the lake. The Dena'ina Athabascan name is Qizjeh Vena which means "place where people gather lake"
  • Lake Clark is within Lake Clark National Park and Preserve.

Wow, what a beautiful place.  The flight was great and when I landed in Keyes Point Ed and Phil were there to meet me.  Phil is the Caretaker for Keyes Point and is there to meet the guest when they arrive.  He will meet your guests and bring them to your cabin when they arrive.  Ed and I jumped on his Honda (ATV) and headed for his cabin.  Ed has spent approximately 12 years building this cabin, and yes, it is very nice.  His cabin is located on the eastern shore of Keyes Point and looks across the Lake at the Alaskan Range.

Over the next couple of days Ed took me around Lake Clark in his boat.  We spent a day down on Six Mile Lake fishing across from the village of Nondalton.  The river was full of Sockeye Salmon.  As we pulled up to the river the bottom of the small bay was dark with thousand of salmon.  As we made our way up into the river the amount of fish we saw was just staggering.  We spent the afternoon fly fishing for Rainbow trout.  As I stood on the bank looking into the water I would watch 20 to 30 Sockeye Salmon (reds) swim upstream.  We were fishing for the Rainbows that follow them up the river. 

This stream was very clear so it was very easy to see the salmon and the sight was amazing.  every few minutes, the fish would surge by.  We were not successful in landing any Rainbows, but we did catch several Grayling as well as dozens of Reds.

Grayling caught in the NarrowsOn the way back to Keyes Point we drifted the narrows, a small river that flows from Lake Clark to Six Mile Lake.  Many fisherman fly in to local lodges to fish for Grayling here.

I was successful and land several very nice fish in the 30 minutes we spent floating this short stretch of water.  My first full day on Lake Clark exceeded my wildest expectations.  We finished off the day with a great dinner back at Ed cabin.  I slept well that night.

The next days we met with perspective buyers and toured the lots we have available on Keyes Point.  We discussed the logistics of obtaining building supplies and crews to build a cabin or home.  Most homes on Keyes Point are in the $250,000 to $500,000 rand with one close to $1,000,000 and a lodge that is, well I'm not sure what its worth, lets just say its not for sale and probably won't ever be.

We did finally get out on the water and headed up the lake to the Kijik River.  The Kijik River is in the Lake ClarkKijik River, Lake ClarkNational Park and this is where the ghost town of Kijik is located.  We spent the afternoon fishing this area for Grayling and Lake Trout.  The weather was awesome and we did get a little sunburned.  But all good things must come to an end; the wind started to pick up, and wind and Lake Clark can be very dangerous.  We were approximately 20 miles up the lake from Lake Clark, so we high tailed it out of there before the water got too rough.

On the way back we took a side trip into Chilitna Bay for some Northern Pike fishing.  We made a short run up the Chilitna River to Long Lake, and along the way saw a huge Moose.  I'm not going to tell you were because this boy was trophy class. He was big and the velvet was just coming off his rack (antlers).  We watched him for a few minutes (yes I have video that I will post on my Facebook Site), before he wandered off into the woods.  Too bad hunting season does not open for two weeks.

The wind was picking up as we came back to Chilitna Bay so we headed carefully back out onto the lake.  Lucky for us the wind was switching and we made our way home before the east wind picked up.  We were lucky, 15 minutes later and we would have been sleeping on the beach for the night.  the weather got pretty ugly as we arrived home for the night.


 The next day the weather kept us off the water, but I did enjoy myself on Keyes Point.  We spent our time taking photos and video of the Keyes Point area. 

My time on the Point with Ed Galvez was wonderful and I hope to do it again soon.  Ed is a great host and was able to explain to me about the history of Keyes Point and the Lake Clark area.  This is a part of Alaska that you must visit.  Lake Clark National Park is the has the lowest visitor count of any National Park.  Most likely because of its remote location.  This is beautiful country.

Please contact me if you would like to know more about this beautiful area.  We do have several lots available ranging from $15,000 to $50,000.  One already has the well and septic installed.  The views are tremendous and the area is truly breath taking.  I am currently working out the logistics and we should have completed home estimates available if you would like to build your Alaskan dream home.

Is Spring Here?

by Eric Bushnell

January was one of the coldest months on record with temperatures hovering below -20 degrees.  Its was cold.  Then we had record snow fall making this one of the snowiest winters ever.  Now the temperature is back up near 30 degrees.  Is Spring right around the corner.

Well, it might be but before we get to that lets take a look at the snow load on the roof.  With all this snow and the longer days arriving that snow is going to melt and freeze each night.  this will create ice dams on the roof and possible leaking.  You need to get up there and remove the snow, but be careful, it's going to be slick up there. Just do it soon as more snow is in the forecast.

Spring is definitely on the way.  Iron Dog is coming soon, as well as Fur Rondy, then the Iditarod Sled Dog race.  Longer days and warmer temps make Spring in Alaska a great time to get outdoors.  If you have pictures you'd like to share, you can post them on my Facebook page.

Mid Summer Update For Eagle River

by Eric Bushnell

Mid Summer Market update for Eagle River Alaska

I know that a lot of pople are out and about enjoying the summer.  So far this year the weather has been decent, not great but at least everyday has not been cold and rainy.  so I know that everyone is enjoying themselves.  Dip net fishing on the Kenai River has been awesome, the Eagle River Bear Paw was great and this week I know my wife is hiking the Crow Pass trail from Girdwood to Eagle River.  so there is plenty to do out there.

So with all this going on; what's the real estate market doing.  I've seen recent reports about consumer confidence being down, but that does not appear to be the case here in Eagle River Alaska.  The Mat-Su valley(Palmer/Wasilla) is holding its own compared to last year, and Anchorage is down about 9.5% in the number of homes sold.  Eagle River and Chugiak are up 16.1% so far this year. 

One difference this year is that we are selling more land for new home construction, and as a result of this new home sales are up.  This is much different then what we are seeing in the markets in the lower 48.  It should be noted that many towns in the lower 48 are doing just fine.  Middle America is surviving, even though the talking heads and Wall Street don't give us much credit.

There are tough sales out there, and there is more homes available this year than last.  the selection is good, and some homes are just over priced for their condition or location.  Remember the #1 rule in real estate is location, #2 is condition, and #3 is Price.  You can't change #1, but you can change #2 & #3. 

For more detailed information feel free to call me anytime. 

Remember to rinse your fish before you put them in the smoker, they turn out too salty otherwise, but most importantly...

Enjoy the summer!

New fishing Video series

by Eric Bushnell

I read an article this week in the Frontiersman Newspaper and they mentioned a new film debuting in just a couple weeks.  Cross Current Fishing Adventures has produced what looks like a great film showcasing Fly Fishing in Alaska.

I have embedded their trailer here.  The movie debuts May 5 in Anchorage at the Alaska Experience Theatre.

What a beautiful weekend!

by Eric Bushnell

What great weather we had this weekend.  I hope that everyone was able to enjoy the sunshine.  While I was out and about I saw lot of people visiting open houses in this weekends Spring Parade of Homes.  The weather was perfect to get out and see these beautiful homes.

There was so much to do this weekend; with the sun out the parks were full.  Area bike trails were alive with activity.  When the weather cooperates like this, we are reminded about how beautiful Alaska is.

This week will be full of activity as homeowners begin to pick up their yards after the winter snow melts away.  Its time to give the yard a good raking and clean out the flower beds.  Spring flowers should be showing up in some beds already, and we will see more soon.  This is a great time to be outside enjoying the warm weather.

Summer will be here shortly and there will be no time for yard work, too many other activities to do.  So, if you are thinking about getting a new home now is the time.  Interest rates remain low, and hopefully will remain there for another couple of months.  Inventory levels of homes remain low, however there are some very nice homes available a great prices.

Spring is here, and remember to get out there and enjoy it!

A Sunny Day!

by Eric Bushnell

What a beautiful day!  I just returned to my office from a quick tour of Eagle River.  Tuesdays we visit the new homes that have been listed for sale in our market.  What a beautiful day; the sun is up and sky is crystal clear.

As we move towards spring there is more sunshine everyday, and today is no exception.  The sun is brilliantly reflecting off the snow.  I replaced the battery from my camera with it's alternate on the charger so that I could take a couple photos.  Unfortunately I did not realize that the charger was not plugged in and the new battery I put in the camera was dead.  Bummer, no pictures from this outing, maybe next time out.

This is the time of year I like to keep a camera in the car, you never know what you will see.  I am reminded on a daily basis why I live in Alaska and work in Eagle River.  It is absolutely beautiful.

Summer fun in Alaska

by Eric Bushnell

Alaska summers are short but very long.  We have a tremendous amount of sunlight, which helps us navigate this great state.  There are so many different places that you can visit.  You just have to get out there and do it.

You can visit Valdez, my wife took some of our extended family there for a little Halibut fishing.  They did well and cam back with 10 fish.  on the drive from Anchorage to Valdez you will see many spectacular sights.  You can also get to Valdez by taking the Alaska Ferry from Whittier.  This is an easy trip and a great way to see Prince William Sound.  You can then drive back or hop on the ferry for the return trip.

Homer is another excellent choice, and although I will not make it there this year there I definitely recommend it.  In Homer you can visit the spit; this is where you will find the boat harbor and launch for fabulous Halibut charters.  You can get a water taxi to Halibut Cove or Seldovia.  Both destinations offer excellent choices for dining and some fabulous art galleries.  The Kachemak Bay is a beautiful destination.

I really like visiting the Cooper Landing area on the Kenai Peninsula.  Cooper Landing offers excellent trout and Salmon fishing as well as wildlife viewing.  On numerous trips I have fished along side black and brown bears.  Eagle watch as we catch our fish, then slowly drift down the river.  This last weekend we visited the mouth of the Kenai River for a little Alaskan fun; Dip netting.  This is an Alaska tradition and a great way to stock you freezer full of fish.

On the day we visited 100,000 Red Slamon came into the river, yes, I said one hundred thousand.  People line the shore with large nets scooping out fish; in one area boats of all sizes go up and down the river with Dip nets hanging over the side.  A dip net is a 4 or 5 circle with gill netting in it.  Most people have a 5-6 foot handle on the hoop.  You wait to a fish swims into the net and then haul it in.  On the day we visited the river there may have been 500 boats on the river scooping up fish.  There is a weir just past this area, and the next day the weir count showed 68,000 fish made it through the dip nets.

Our family pulled in 55 fish, and the friends with us pulled in 65 for their family.  We got our limits and headed home.

There is so much to do up here it's really hard to get it all in.  You can go clamming.  You could hike one of the hundreds of trials that are in the South Central Alaska.  You can water ski, white water raft or kayak; don't forget ocean kayaking.  There's flight seeing, and then the normal pursuits like softball, and baseball.

Oh yeah, I forgot the most important thing.  You have to work and get some sleep.  I have to go, my wife says I need to mow the lawn, don't forget your chores.

Eagle River Community Council Update

by Eric Bushnell

Hello to all interested in the Beach Lake Regional Park Master Plan Update:

 On March 29th the Eagle River/Chugiak Parks Board of Supervisors held a work session on the draft Beach Lake Regional Park Master Plan Update to thoroughly review the document and recommend any edits or changes.  The Planning Team has made the changes recommended by Board of Supervisors.   The project website has been updated with the full DRAFT Beach Lake Regional Park Master Plan Update.  It is available for download. 

Go to: This plan will be considered for final approval at the Parks Board of Supervisors April 12th regular meeting (public testimony is welcome).

 Mark your Calendar!

Monday, April 12, 2010 @ 7P.M. in the Eagle River Town Center Community Room (12001 Business Blvd.):


The Beach Lake Park Regional Master Plan Update will be on the Agenda for approval of the Board. The public is welcome to attend and testify.

Day with the Dogs!

by Eric Bushnell

We woke up Sunday morning and the temperature was 2 degrees, 2.  It was sunny and there was a lite breeze.  Chilly would be an understatement.  Today was the restart of the Iditarod in Willow.  The start was scheduled for 2 pm. and by then it had warmed up to 14 degrees.  It was nice and sunny as we made our way to Willow.

google map to real pro systems The start in Willow was easy to get to.  This year they provided Shuttle bus service from several locations.  $2 per person and kids were free.  Not bad for a 20 mile bus trip.

 We arrived in Willow with plenty of time to visit the staging area, this is were all the musher's were with their dogs before the race.  Have you ever heard hundreds of sled dogs howling at once, Wow!

We wandered around and saw the sites.  We saw Martin Buser and Lance Mackey being interviewed.  Lance Mackey had a huge crowd and looked like the celebrity he has become.  It helps to win three Iditarod races in a row.

We saw DeeDee Jonrow getting her dogs ready for the race, they each had pink harnesses.  Mitch Seavey was there and his team looked very relaxed. 

There was so much to see and there were thousands of peop[le there on the lake ready for the start. Yes being on the lake was safe.  Ice is over 3 feet thick.

 We made our way to the starting chute to watch the teams begin their 1000 mile journey to Nome.  Many people had been out there for several hours waiting to see the first mushers go.  Many people were from the lower 48 and you could tell they had no idea it would be so cold.  It really wasn't that bad if you dressed for it.  The lite wind made it a little cool.  After a couple of teams started people started heading for the warmth of the Willow school.

 google map to real pro systems 

We watched as Newton Marshall came down the start chute, he is the first Jamaican to enter the Iditarod Sled Dog race.  Pretty brave young man.  Although what possessed him to leave the beach for the snow?

The crowd cheered and everyone had fun.  there were good eats, we ventured over to the vendors and found Reindeer hot dogs and Buffalo Bratwursts w/ grilled onions.  These were very good.

We had a great time, and then caught the bus back to Wasilla, to the original re-start.  In the 80's & 90's the race left Wasilla and travelled down my grandmothers driveway to the lake before heading to Knik and then up the Yhetna River.  Those were the good ole days sitting on the deck watching the teams go by.

We had just as much fun this year and will go back again next year. 

Hope to see you there! 







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