For much of the country it is still fall, and in some parts the eternal summer blazes on.  Here in Alaska fall has been gone for at least a month. Winter was not roaring in, but it did last night and appears that it may return again tomorrow with an additional 4 inches of snow.

Now winter is here it is time to stop selling real estate, close the office and hibernate until spring.  See ya next spring!


Wait! Now I'm sounding like the national talking heads when their talking about the economy.  No one should buy anything the economy is in the toilet.  Please hold my hand because I think life as we know it is over.

Come on give me a break.  The economy took a hit and it has come back steady. It's not roaring but its chugging right along.  So is the housing market; just because we have some snow and winter is settling in is no reason to hibernate until spring.  Interest rates are at an all time low.  You can get a great home in this market.  There are some great deals and there are some great home that you will have to pay the asking price.

Now is a great time to buy a home, just be careful as you walk up the steps.  And if you're thing about selling, inventory levels are low, put your home out there and get it sold. 

By the way, make sure you shovel the sidewalk and please turn on all the lights.