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Alaska Real Estate Trends

by Eric Bushnell

We have finished the 1st quarter of 2009.  How has it effected you?  Did the press influence how you spend your income? 

At a local level my first impression of the economy is that it is good.  Do you agree? or Disagree?

In Eagle River Alaska the economy seems good, and the real estate numbers reflect that statement.  The number of homes sold are up 15%.  Our office was up 152% in the first two months of the year, and march was a plus month but not by as much.  When I read the different publication, Alaska Journal of Commerce, the Petroleum News, and The Anchorage Daily News, I get a different sense. 

There are good positive stories that show we are moving forward, but there are more spelling out the gloom.  The best number I've seen is only a slight up tic in unemployment, and a drop in Foreclosures.  The number of homes on the market is less than last year and the market time is staying pretty consistent.  We have seen a slight drop in value in some price ranges and this is expect with some of the deflation we've seen.

The Stock Market is moving up and I am glad to say I have seen positive growth.  As spring quickly approaches the out look is good.  There will be good deals, and interest rates are at an all time low.  The low interest rate are allowing home owners to lower their payments.  The real estate market appears stable for now.  A bright spot is the new construction segment.  as inventory levels there is a small amount of renewed interest in building homes.  Lot sales are up and there are several new homes under construction in Eagle River.

All in all I believe the the sky is not going to fall.  We all have to work a little harder, spend our money more wisely, and save a little for the future.

What makes a good Realtor?

by Eric Bushnell
What makes a good Realtor? I think most of us would find it easier to answer the question what makes a bad Realtor.  The reasons are numerous when it comes to the negative side of this equation, but the positive side is a little harder, or is it?
I believe that after my last two transactions I have a little better idea.  These two transactions happened when I had a tremendous amount of stress in my work life that did not have anything to do with these transactions.  I was distracted and my follow through was not up to par.
The Realtors on the other side were on top of things and at no time during the transaction did they criticize my performance.  They were supportive and the transactions went very smoothly.  I think this is the first sign that you have a good Realtor.
1. Good Realtors are not judgmental.
The next reason that a Realtor can be considered good or bad, is do they follow up on what they say their going to do.
2. Good Realtors follow through and Follow up.
Attitude is very important when it comes a good Realtor and sometimes it is easy to see.
3. Good Realtors have a positive attitude.
There are several other factors that will influence whether or not ones perception of a Realtor is good or bad. These perceptions can change from transaction to transaction.  I believe that this is very important.
4. Good Realtors do not hold a grudge.
It goes without saying that their knowledge of an area, sales skills, communication, and good hygiene should be include, but these skills and habits do not make a Realtor great, or even good.  I believe it is these 4 items.  These are the traits we expect to find in our friends, and when a Realtor is considered a friend, I believe that is the greatest compliment.
What do you think?

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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