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Eagle River Market Update

by Eric Bushnell

April is almost gone and May begins next week.  Wow, were does the time go.  The last day of school is just 4 weeks away and many families will be ready to move.  This is the time of year that families like to move.  So what is happening in the market?

It appears that there are shoppers out there, about 3 shoppers for every buyer.  Lots of people wanting to buy a home but their afraid to won one.  The buyers are active and we have seen many offers accepted here in Chugiak and Eagle River.  In looking at the total market numbers compared to last year there was 4.5% less home sales in the first three months of 2011.  That seems to be pretty good since last year we had the first time home buyers credit available.  When we get to the end of June we will see what the true market numbers are.

Right now it apears that we are in a slower, but back to normal housing market.  The economy as a whole appears to be doing ok.  New businesses are opening and there is some new construction underway, housing and commercial.  These are good signs for what is to come.  The only discouraging sign is that many home owners are not selling.  This may be either because they cannot because of what they owe, or they would have to spend too much to move up. 

This has increased the number of new homes being built this year in Eagle River.  Builders are optimistic about the housing market and are starting new homes.  The construction lenders are still tight with the lending, so not all builders can move forward but many are.  This is good for our community, which according to the latest census numbers is now 34,982 people strong.  This number is about the same as the estimate from 2005, but very little building has happened in the last 6 years (I think the estimate was too high).

Now is a great time to sell if you can, and there are some great deals out there for buyers.  Interest rates are low although lending conditions are tight.


New fishing Video series

by Eric Bushnell

I read an article this week in the Frontiersman Newspaper and they mentioned a new film debuting in just a couple weeks.  Cross Current Fishing Adventures has produced what looks like a great film showcasing Fly Fishing in Alaska.

I have embedded their trailer here.  The movie debuts May 5 in Anchorage at the Alaska Experience Theatre.

What a beautiful weekend!

by Eric Bushnell

What great weather we had this weekend.  I hope that everyone was able to enjoy the sunshine.  While I was out and about I saw lot of people visiting open houses in this weekends Spring Parade of Homes.  The weather was perfect to get out and see these beautiful homes.

There was so much to do this weekend; with the sun out the parks were full.  Area bike trails were alive with activity.  When the weather cooperates like this, we are reminded about how beautiful Alaska is.

This week will be full of activity as homeowners begin to pick up their yards after the winter snow melts away.  Its time to give the yard a good raking and clean out the flower beds.  Spring flowers should be showing up in some beds already, and we will see more soon.  This is a great time to be outside enjoying the warm weather.

Summer will be here shortly and there will be no time for yard work, too many other activities to do.  So, if you are thinking about getting a new home now is the time.  Interest rates remain low, and hopefully will remain there for another couple of months.  Inventory levels of homes remain low, however there are some very nice homes available a great prices.

Spring is here, and remember to get out there and enjoy it!

Cute Realtor Video

by Eric Bushnell

My Promise to You

by Eric Bushnell

Dear Friend and Neighbor,

Are you ready to see what your future holds? If your plans include selling your home and moving on to a new chapter in your life, I can help you accomplish this—despite the current buyer’s market.

 Every market — whether hot, normal or cool — holds unique challenges requiring special market insight and skills to overcome them. I have the market know-how to steer you through the choppy waters of today’s marketplace.

 I sincerely hope you’ll give me a call. I want to be your real estate licensee for life — not just for your next transaction. This means that at all times I will represent your interests with both your future and your total satisfaction in mind.

 When you become my "Client for Life," my staff and I solemnly promise to do
everything within our power to …

1. Sell your home in the timeframe you need … 

2. Get you the highest price possible in today’s marketplace … 

3. Market your home to other licensees so that together — as your marketing network — we can bring you only qualified buyers who will find your home a perfect fit …

4. Tell you the truth about your home and the current marketplace even when I know it may be difficult for you to hear, and …

5. Protect you by covering every legal and regulatory base required.

If the past boom market taught us anything, it’s this: no market lasts forever. Right now, home prices are holding fairly steady, and economists aren’t predicting deep price declines. So, if you’re planning to sell, I want to help you get every dollar of profit you have coming. But don’t wait until it’s too late. The very fact that no market conditions last forever is reason to call me right away.

Yours for a stress-free home-selling experience,

Eric M. Bushnell

Associate Broker

P.S. Who says the home-selling experience can’t be one of ease and enjoyment? Give me a call and I’ll prove them wrong. LET’S SELL YOUR HOUSE!

Displaying blog entries 1-5 of 5

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