What is happening out there?  This is what I was asking myself yesterday.  Interest rates did a little dance yesterday. They didn't just jump,they jumped twice.  The good news is they stayed stable today.

Now is the building season for new construction.  My second question was how is this going to effect the new homes we're going to build?  Steady interest rates make everyone happy.  Timing the market is not a good recipe for success.

I spoke with another business owner in town about the small jump, and he said that maybe he should have bought another home and used it for a rental.  I realize there is a lot of uncertainty in the economy, but the housing market in Eagle River Alaska has remain steady.

If you are trying to time the market, don't.  There are good deals out there and the interest rates are pretty low.  Waiting for that better deal will only cause you to miss out on the good deal that is available now. 

I think that if we worry to much about what we may lose, we will never get a chance to live.  You have to make decisions, you have to make choices, you cannot live on the sidelines.  How many people do you know that missed out on that great opportunity?

I am not saying take risk, just don't be paralyzed by the unknown.  Life is all about the unknown, make good decisions and move on..I mean move in.