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Alaska Real Estate Market Update

by Eric Bushnell

Over the years that I've watched different markets I have seen many ups and downs, sometimes the swings are due to the economy, sometimes due to the weather.  The last week has introduced days of beautiful weather here in South Central Alaska, and buyers are looking for something to do besides looking at homes.

Can you blame them?

This is normal and we will see them back in the homes shortly.  The market has been good here in Eagle River.  I've been asked several times in recent weeks what is the market doing, and as usual I am happy to say that locally, it is pretty steady.  According to the local MLS there were 20 transactions pend last week here in Eagle River.  That's pretty good, and market supply is holding about 10% higher than last year but is not rising higher like it sometimes does as we approach the summer months.

I've compared the Anchorage, Mat-Su valley, Eagle River markets to see whats what.  How are we doing compared to last year?  Remember last year there was a First Time Home Buyers credit available that fueled many sales.  In comparing the first 5 months of last year to the first 5 months of this year, the Eagle River market has fared better than the other 2.  Our sales volume is up, while their down.  Eagle River is a smaller market and the property prices are above many First Time Home Buyers.  We are more consistent, which leads to stability.

We like Stability!

Now we hope for a warm summer  and lots of sunshine.  Interest rates remain low, new construction is picking up; the Eagle River economy is very vibrant!

Alaska Politics is just like the Lower 48

by Eric Bushnell

I received this e-mail earlier today and thought I would pass it on.

"Last evening, the Senate finally passed on the FY11 Capital budget, SB 46,  a spending plan, totaling $2.8 Billion

The needless delay by the Senate in moving the bill forward potentially jeopardized many good projects. The unconstitutional language that bundled $400 million in Energy projects and caused the delay is still in the bill – it needs to be removed.  The Senate has included their projects in this spending plan, and the House now has to insert theirs and include some of the projects the Senate failed to include – the total is certain to grow.

SB 46 is up for public hearing in House Finance today at 9:00-12:00 and again this afternoon at 1:30 to 4:00. Your testimony is needed. You will have to sit on the line and wait your turn.

You need to:

Call in to testify at 1-855-463-5009,

Identify yourself and the bill, SB46

When called on by the Chair, briefly testify - limit to 2 minutes

The following are pertinent points to make with your testimony. Use any, all, and add your own personalized comments

 Urge them to

  • Pass a valid Capital Budget
  • Failure to pass a Capital budget puts millions in federal funds at risk
  • Delete the unconstitutional Senate language that puts a $400 million Energy Package at risk, which includes the Weatherization and Residential Energy Rebate Program

As an alternative, you can email your comments to the finance members"                                   Co-Chair                                 Co-Chair                       Vice Chair

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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