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New Construction-Open House

by Eric Bushnell

As we enter into the new construction season and saw dust starts to fly through the air, one wonders will we get back to the growth we saw just a few years ago. 

I believe we will see steady growth in new construction side of real estate.  in Eagle River we will see steady growth.  Powder Ridge is seeing several new homes this year.  Nolan Homes, LLC., LLC is almost finished with a a home and there are open houses there each weekend.

Nolan Homes, LLC. is currently marketing 22 new homes in the Powder Ridge subdivision.  There is a myriad of styles and sizes.  Nolan Homes, LLC. is offering two levels of specifications, a standard level which is still a higher level of building specifications, and a Luxury build specification.  The Luxury level includes upgrades such hardwood flooring, granite counter tops, and many other features withing he home.

New construction is moving forward and Eagle River is growing.  Come to Powder Ridge and see the progress.

Weekend Warrior

by Eric Bushnell

Life in Alaska is a blast when the weather cooperates, and this summer it is.  Although this last week had a little rain, it was needed and by the middle of Sunday it had subsided.  this was good news for myself and my family.

We took out the boat this weekend and visited the Deshka River.  Fishing reports were pretty dismal, but we though we'd give it a try.  The weather was rainy all morning so we didn't get started until about 10:30.  We launched and headed down river.  It looked pretty slow so we stayed near the mouth.

We did have a coiuple strikes, probably trout messing with our rigs.  Weather was good so we just relaxed and let the lures do the work.  At one point I decided to change lures and put a big Kenai Quicksilver on.  My partners laughed and asked if I was going to try clubbing a fish. 

I tossed the lure out a couple times, not really paying attention when I felt a tug, so I tugged back and this fish tried to pull me overboard.  This fish was really nice, about 40 inches long.  Not sure of the weight, 35-45 lbs.

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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