Many wonder whether or not summer will come to Eagle River Alaska.  My wife asks this question every time we watch the evening news together.  I think I saw a glimpse of sunshine over the weekend.

Our summer weather may not be bright and sunny, however our Real Estate market this summer has shown several bright and sunny spots.  Homes continue to sell as they come on the market.  In fact several nice properties have received multiple offers. 

What I am seeing is that condition as well as price is very important.  If a house needs work, price alone will not get it sold.  A home needs to be clean with no apparent problems.  If selling your home is a current consideration, get a home inspection before you put the home on the market.

A home inspection will allow you to see any deficiencies and fix them prior to a buyer walking in.  Many buyers are coming to Alaska from an area that may not have a level market like ours.  They're very demanding.  They may have been beat up selling a home prior to arriving here and they're not going to let it happen again.

Make sure your home is clean, dusted and the lawn is mowed.  Make sure that half million dollar home looks like a million dollars.  If it measures up well against the competition you will not be disappointed. 

Hey, I think I see a ray of sunshine.....