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Mid Summer Update For Eagle River

by Eric Bushnell

Mid Summer Market update for Eagle River Alaska

I know that a lot of pople are out and about enjoying the summer.  So far this year the weather has been decent, not great but at least everyday has not been cold and rainy.  so I know that everyone is enjoying themselves.  Dip net fishing on the Kenai River has been awesome, the Eagle River Bear Paw was great and this week I know my wife is hiking the Crow Pass trail from Girdwood to Eagle River.  so there is plenty to do out there.

So with all this going on; what's the real estate market doing.  I've seen recent reports about consumer confidence being down, but that does not appear to be the case here in Eagle River Alaska.  The Mat-Su valley(Palmer/Wasilla) is holding its own compared to last year, and Anchorage is down about 9.5% in the number of homes sold.  Eagle River and Chugiak are up 16.1% so far this year. 

One difference this year is that we are selling more land for new home construction, and as a result of this new home sales are up.  This is much different then what we are seeing in the markets in the lower 48.  It should be noted that many towns in the lower 48 are doing just fine.  Middle America is surviving, even though the talking heads and Wall Street don't give us much credit.

There are tough sales out there, and there is more homes available this year than last.  the selection is good, and some homes are just over priced for their condition or location.  Remember the #1 rule in real estate is location, #2 is condition, and #3 is Price.  You can't change #1, but you can change #2 & #3. 

For more detailed information feel free to call me anytime. 

Remember to rinse your fish before you put them in the smoker, they turn out too salty otherwise, but most importantly...

Enjoy the summer!

Mid Summer is Drawing Near

by Eric Bushnell

Mid Summer is drawing near; in the lower 48 the temps are soaring towards record highs, here its on the lower end of the average temperature range, hanging in the mid 60's.  Politics is about the same here as in the lower 48, all the politicians can't get along and nothing appears to be moving forward.

Now is the time to get things done, there so not seem to be many large scale construction projects underway at tis time.  New home construction appears to be doing just fine, however I do anticipate a slowing of this in the coming months.  Interest rates have stayed low, allowing buyers to buy homes.

but what will come this fall?

  In 1998 I was asked how the Alaska economy would fare, and I thought it would take 4-5 years before we saw substantial growth.  I believe we are getting closer, but may have another year or two to wait before we see substantial growth increases.  There are more sales, and many of these sales are in raw land, which indicates people want to build more homes.  These are good indicators. 

I've spoken with many people in the construction and companies in oil production and the consensus is that the state is not doing what it needs to.  We need to be proactive.  Sometimes you need to build for the future.  Capitol improvement projects to be undertaken to build this great state.  We have the money to do it and construction costs are not going down.

Now is the time to build for the future

It is mid summer and Alaska is at the cross roads.  Which direction are we going?

I would love to hear what you think.

Fourth of July Weekend

by Eric Bushnell

July 1, 2011

Today is Friday here in Alaska, and I need to set my priorities!

What should you do, there are so many events here.  There is two or three parades, there's fishing, camping, and of course Mt. Marathon in Seward.  I did hear that the town was already full and no camping spots were available.

Hopefully the weather will be nice for all.  I think we will spend a nice weekend at home, do a parade on the Fourth and hit the picnic at Town Park in Wasilla

Happy Fourth of July America!

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