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Will it be beneficial to all Concerned?

by Eric Bushnell

Eagle River Area Rotary hosted a combined luncheon with the CER Chamber of Commerce Thursday afternoon and the guest speaker was Senator Lisa Murkowski.  This was a sold out event and Alaska's senior Senator delivered an excellent speech on the atmosphere in Washington DC.

Senator Murkowski began here speach with several references to The Rotary Four-Way Test.  The Four way test is what every Rotarian strives for.

First -Is it the Truth?

Second -Is it Fair to All Concerned?

Third -Will it build good will and better friendships?

Fourth -Will it be beneficial to all Concerned?

The Senator referenced the days when Senator Stevens walked the halls of Congress and kept the Four-way Test on his desk, the only Senator to ever be allowed something extra on his desk in the Senate.  That is how relevant and respected the Four-Way Test is. 

Despite what the press reports; our ambassadors are working with others in Washington to achieve a balanced budget.  Our Senator is fighting to minimize restrictive and irrelevant regulations that inhibit business and job growth.

This morning even though yesterdays report showed limited growth, the talking heads on TV tried to make it sound like the data was false.  That companies were not making money and that the unemployment rate had not dropped.  I realize it was a minor adjustment, but we are not falling off a cliff.

Yesterdays lunch reminded me that there are good people in the world trying to make a difference; and that when you vote it does matter.  We have two very talented Senators in Washington making a difference for our State.  If Senator Lisa Murkowski keeps to the Four-Way Test and can convince other in Washington to do the same, then I think there is a very bright future.

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Fall Update for the Alaska Real Estate Market

by Eric Bushnell

Fall is here, the leaves are turning and at night there is a hint of frost.  When you walk outside you can smell the ripened high bush cranberries.  Fall has arrived in South Central Alaska.

So what does this mean to our local real estate market?  Inventories are actually down from this time last year, with 2670 total homes available in the Anchorage and Mat-Su markets.  In August the was a 25% increase in sales over last year.  This is not surprising since the First Time tax credit ended last June.  Many of the early year sales would have happened later.  Overall this year there has been a good number of sales each month.  The Mat-Su Market has done about the same as last year, and Anchorage is seen less sales.  The Eagle River market has remained the bright spot in the Anchorage bowl.

What is happening to the prices of Eagle River Homes?

This is the time of year we see some of the bigger discounts on homes as sellers try to sell before winter.  The fall market in Eagle River has traditionally been very good.  There seem to be many buyers in the market and with interest rate on government loans so low (3.75% on a 30 year VA loan), we are seeing many buyers in our market.  There is some uncertainty; and how can there not be when you here the national media crying wolf everyday.

A recent poll on the economy reflected that 75% of Americans were not satisfied with what our lawmakers were doing and felt we were on shaky footing.  But when asked how they were doing 75% indicated that they were stable and dong well.  We know that right no some people are having a rough go of it, but for the most part people seem to be doing fine.  Home ownership may not be the huge wealth building tool it was for many years; however it is an asset worth owning.

For a more detail view of our local economy feel free to call me at 907-360-7471. 

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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