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End of the year/New Beginnings

by Eric Bushnell

Strategic Action plans FY2009
Each objective will have definite timelines as well as complete steps to completion
1.       Objective #1 is to maintain an operating budget of 10% or less throughout the year.
a.        Cut extravagant advertising purchases
                   i.      Keep all advertising expenditures to minimal cost
                   ii.      Use budgeted monies in a broad manner vs. larger purchases
                   iii.      80% of advertising budget will be spent in online advertising
b.       Minimize large scale print advertising
                   i.      Co-op some of print advertising with other parties
                   ii.      Better negotiating; obtaining lower costs or increased frequency     

2008 is drawing to a closeand for the last month I have been analyzing what worked and what did not.  I believe the first ten months of this year were pretty good, the last two, not so good.  I like most people, think that while it wasn’t as good as previous years, it was still a decent year.
I was successful, and helped others obtain their goals.  Not all goals were obtained; and there is much to work on in the coming year.  This last week I finished my 2009 Business Plan.  I was honest with myself and took a hard look at what I accomplished in 2008, and what still lies ahead.  I think in 2009 it’s going to be difficult to gain any type of positive traction.  I believe that there will be many unexpected hurdles and the national news will affect our market more than it should. I know that I will have to work smart to obtain my goals.
I have much work planned for the coming year.  I need to implement my action plans as soon as possible; and I need to keep my nose to the grind stone and make things happen quickly.  I want to enjoy my summer; as that is one of my goals.  I have already started some of the tasks needed.
How about you?  Did you review last year’s plan, and did you accomplish your goals?  Keeping to a plan is difficult under normal circumstances, and under last year’s tumultuous events, it was darn near impossible.  For those of you that did not have a written plan then maybe you did ok, although you flew by the seat of your pants, did you really have a successful year, as successful as it should have been?
2009 will have its ups and down, but I am ready for them.  I will stick to my plan, and make the necessary adjustments throughout the year. 
Will you?
Here is a portion of my business plan.  This is the first action item I have, and I will be adding to it.

Update for the Eagle River Market

by Eric Bushnell

December has arrived in Alaska, the temperatures are going down.  -8 degrees this morning and the current temperature has warmed up to 9 degrees.  You would think this would discourage buyers, but no, several were here this morning ready to start the day.

We have seen several pending sales in recent days.  This means agreed contracts.  Our inventory levels are dropping as is expected this time of year.  The good news is that there are less homes on the market now then at this time in each of the two previous years.

The selection for buyers is still good, but it is dwindling.  Interest rate dropped to 5% this week.  This means that the buyer can get a better payment than last month, or they can buy a little more home.  Interest rates have dropped over 20% since earlier this year.

The weather may be cold out there but the market is warm in Eagle River, Alaska.

Call me today for more information.

Eric Bushnell- 907-360-7471

Alaskan Rentals, What investors should know about Eagle River

by Eric Bushnell


By ericbushnell

Do you work with investors? Eagle River Alaska is a great place to own a rental.  In our current economic times, buyers are trying to decide whether they should purchase a home or rent.  In our area the vacancy rate is 5-6%, and homes rent for approximately $1.00 to $1.20 per square foot.

Military personnel moving to Fort Richardson and Elmondorf AFB are here for 3 to 4 years.  In the past they have purchased because of the movement in the market.  Now many are looking to rent.  They do not think that home prices will rise enough in 3 years that they will be able to sell their home and not have to pay. 

For each listing I have 3 out of 4 calls ask if they can rent.  Alaska’s economy is fairly stable and land is scarce, we did not see the over building and speculation that other areas saw.  Our housing prices are reasonable with the average home in Eagle River being priced at $315,000 for about 1800 sq. ft.  townhouse style condos are priced from $218,000 to $235,000.  There is a good mix of properties, with a few 4-plexes available in the Anchorage market, Eagle River has very few multi-family units.

If you know someone that is interested in this area call me and I can provide you with a brief overview of our community.  If you would like to see the homes for sale, visit my website We will pay referrals and I have have someone that can take video of a home for interested investors.  Prudential Jack White/Vista Real Estate of Eagle River provides property management services for out of town investors, and property owners whom do not wish to manage their own properties.

Why do you work there?

by Eric Bushnell


By ericbushnell

Has anyone ever asked you why you work there?  You know, where you’re currently working.  They do know that you have a choice and that you choose to work there. 

Or do you?  I mean do you realize that you have a choice?  We make choices in life everyday.  Sometime we choose to make changes and many times we choose not to act.  The later is sometimes the most prudent.  However when it comes to you place of employment, non action can come from fear, fear of change. 

What if you make a bad decision?

        What if it goes wrong?

               What if you do not fit in?

What if ……..

This is important to understand; the only person that can make you successful is yourself.  Without personal motivation, having someone else kicking you in the butt will not make you hugely successful.

What is important is making sure that you work in a place that has like kind people, people that understand their success starts with themselves.  A great benefit of a workplace is the sharing of ideas, and this only happens in an environment where no one fears their co-workers because of competitiveness.

This is why I have only worked for one real estate firm, Prudential Jack White/Vista Real Estate of Eagle River.  The Realtors in this office work in harmony with each other.  If you have a issue any one of them will stop what their doing and assist you.  Don’t get me wrong sometimes they do compete with each other, but they compete as family members would. The competition is fair and fun.  These Realtors are wonderful and my success is because I was not afraid of change.  I left a career that I had been in for 10 years and it was the right choice. 

Someone gave me advice one day, and I think it was the best advice I have ever received.  It was simple and it was right to the point, and yes, it came from my father-

     Do not fear the decision, just choose the direction you wish to go and don’t look back.”

I am wandering here, or so it would seem, but my point is this, why do you work there?

If you can not give yourself a good answer, give me  call.  Prudential Jack White/Vista could always use another energetic, smart, competetive realtor.  Don’t be afraid of change.

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