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Market Smarts for Home Sellers

by Eric Bushnell
Economic times are always changing. The real estate marketplace has changed … and so must your home-selling strategy. It’s simple logic, really — but so many sellers just don’t "get it." You don’t have to be one of the pack.
In "Market Smarts for Home Sellers" I’ll update you on:
  • What to expect in a marketplace where buyers think they're now top dog.
  • The biggest blunder today’s home sellers make that keeps the "For Sale" sign in their yard months too long.
  • How to avoid the stress and frustration brought by insulting offers from lowballing buyers, long months with strangers trekking through your home and poking through your closets and—the worst possibility of all—the money-draining strain of two mortgage payments.
  • The surprising way home sellers unwittingly sabotage selling their home.
  • The single most powerful tactic home sellers miss for attracting qualified buyers who’ll find their home a perfect fit.
  • The #1 reason bad sales happen to good people.
In coming articles I will address the the best strategy to get your home sold.
How to prevent the buyer-seller tangle from becoming dog-eat-dog so you get your asking price the first time around.

Snow, Lights, Family, and buyers looking at my house?

by Eric Bushnell

Snow, Lights, Family, and buyers looking at my house?

If you need to sell your home this is probably what you thinking about.  I've had many conversations over the years with Realtors and Sellers about the merits of having a home on the market during the holidays.  It is my belief that this is one of the best time to sell a home during the winter months. 

I understand we have holidays coming.  Next week is Thanksgiving, for some families Hanukkah is coming next, and then we have Christmas and New Years Day!  We all have events planned, relatives may be coming to visit, or you may be hosting your annual Christmas party.  Lets be honest with ourselves, we always have something going on.  Now is never a great time to change things in our daily routines.

Here's why selling your home right now is a good idea.

First - Your home will be decorated for the holidays and most likely looks very festive.  You will have bright lights, wonderful selling decorations, and the lights will be on showcasing what a wonderful home this is.

Second - By having it decorated show that this home can be lived in and that it is a fun home, it has character. 

Third - There is less competition on the market.  Many people are not reading this blog article and have pulled there home off the market, their going to be smart and wait until next spring and sell it then.  Which is when the snow is melting and your yard will look horrible.  Right now its covered with a blanket of beautiful white snow that sparkles under  Christmas lights you've installed on the exterior of your home, saying look at me, I'm Beautiful!

Fourth - Interest rates are very low right now and provide buyers incentive to purchase.  In the spring there is a good chance they will inch upwards, or worse go way up to 6 or 7%, right now rate are hovering at 4%.  If rates go up buyer budgets go down, which means less people can afford your beautiful home.

So now is the time to put your home on the market.  I am sure there might be a couple of negatives, like the buyers might want to come during your Christmas party, but worst things have happened.  You can always reschedule, or invite them to join you!  You never know what might happen!

Hears to the Holidays and a wonderful New Year!


If you would like to know what it would take to get your home sold right away follow this link and I will contact you shortly!  Sell my Home!

Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2

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